Legal address
Israel, 7526647, Rishon LeZion city, Rothschild street 53.

Checking account
Bank — 12 ( Hapoalim )
Branch — 702
Check — 68626

Instructions for transferring funds (donations) to the organization’s account

Funds can be transferred either at your bank branch or through your banking app

1 — Enter the menu of your banking application

2 — Click on the transfer funds button

3 — Click on the “new transfer” button.

4 — A confirmation code will be sent to your phone number — you must enter it in the designated cells.

5 — You need to fill in the information for our organization — the full name in Hebrew will be in the next screen; when you first fill it out, the name will be written in a «creeping line».
The bank name and branch number will appear when you click on the red mark.

6 — Write the amount you want to donate.

7 — Check all the details of your translation (the first line is the full name of the organization in Hebrew).

8 — You have successfully transferred funds and we thank you for your donation!

Note — the page is being finalized.

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